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Final Book Dissent of the Discern Saga by Samantha Shakespeare

A life without worries...

A life without sorrow...

A life without evil...

This was the world Caden imagined for mankind when he selflessly sacrificed his soul mate, Haley Helms.

Delivering her into the hands of soul-sucking immortals called Parevites.

Haley has battled through horrifying discoveries, unexpected deaths, and unimaginable destruction.

Haley's mission was clear--until the day she laid eyes on Caden.

Her love for the Parevites was strong, but her love for Caden was stronger.

And Caden realized the moment he touched Haley, he could no longer deny his love or desire to spend eternity with her.

But Haley and Caden may never get the chance to experience eternal bliss.

The threat of danger is greater now, and lives have been lost since heaven and hell joined forces.

Everyone's life depends on Haley's survival, even Caden's.

Haley's time to shine has come.

Hadar and Hadicieus must be stopped.

Ancient secrets will be revealed.

Unlikely alliances will be formed.

But will it be too late?


About the book


Samantha Shakespeare has always enjoyed reading Paranormal/Science Fiction Romance novels. After reading several different selections, she was always left with a hunger for more.

The Discern saga originally started off as many different stories.  After much consideration, she decided to create an immortal of her own. She created a truly powerful one that could work itself into history and be believable, yet obviously fictional.

The book touches on many sensitive subjects, but is by no means trying to persuade or change anyone's mind, because Discern is truly a fictional piece of work. The world Ms. Shakespeare has created is meant to be enjoyed for entertainment purposes only.  The views in this book do not reflect her personal, spiritual, or political views. She has enjoyed writing this book and hopes you enjoy reading it. She would also like to thank Money Magellan for putting the website and all of the online marketing together for her.

She is finished working on the final book in the Discern Saga.