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Book 2 Discord of the Discern Saga by Samantha Shakespeare

The saga continues as Haley Helms accepts the plight of her new found life with Andrew Alexander. Andrew is determined to ensure their wedded bliss, but Haley isn't so sure they'll ever walk down the aisle. Not only will her strength be tested when she meets the rest of Andrew's nefarious family of Parevites, but her love for Andrew will, too.

As the life Haley once knew further unravels, she will be forced to make a decision between following her true destiny or becoming immortal and forever damning her soul. Mankind's fate is still in the hands of the Parevites, but will the eight children unite in time or will ancient rivalries and past loves prevent their unification?

About the book


Samantha Shakespeare has always enjoyed reading Paranormal/Science Fiction Romance novels. After reading several different selections, she was always left with a hunger for more.

The Discern saga originally started off as many different stories.  After much consideration, she decided to create an immortal of her own. She created a truly powerful one that could work itself into history and be believable, yet obviously fictional.

The book touches on many sensitive subjects, but is by no means trying to persuade or change anyone's mind, because Discern is truly a fictional piece of work. The world Ms. Shakespeare has created is meant to be enjoyed for entertainment purposes only.  The views in this book do not reflect her personal, spiritual, or political views. She has enjoyed writing this book and hopes you enjoy reading it.

She is currently working on the fourth book in the Discern Saga.